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Deirdre “Summer” Slocum has been training all ages and abilities as a Certified Fitness Trainer since 2010 and has recently been awarded the title of “Elite Trainer” from the International Sports Sciences Association. In addition to her personal training certification, she is a certified nutrition coach and corrective exercise specialist. She has received extensive training in Senior Fitness, which has equipped her to help in many aspects of healthy aging. She has enjoyed learning Pilates (mat) and Pre-Postnatal exercise instruction. She has years of experience in weight lifting and nutrition for Physique Training. 

Summer’s training method emphasizes a mindful approach to fitness which includes weight lifting, intelligent cardio techniques along with nutritional counseling. Her mindful approach nurtures a positive relationship between body and mind, while strengthening the mind-muscle connection for greater muscle gain. Her holistic view to fitness creates a calmer nervous system and a gentle, healthy, and efficient approach to weight-lifting. Whether you are training for stamina, physique, healthy aging, or in preparation for competitive sports or events, Summer has the experience and unique approach to help you meet your goals.

With her precise, progressive, and safe instruction, Summer’s clients experience greater strength, mobility and confidence; improved metabolism and fat loss, while fine tuning their physique.

Summer enjoys weightlifting; she practices what she teaches with dedication to her own sport. In her leisure time she enjoys cycling and yoga.

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Physique Training

Summer specializes in physique training for those who want to go beyond basic weightlifting and sculpt their body. The process of changing body composition involves a disciplined and precise combination of nutrition, weight training and cardio. If you have the drive, Summer has the knowledge to guide you on the path to your best-ever figure.

Strength Training for Seniors

Summer specializes in the design and implementation of strength training programs for older adults.

Training protocol changes at age 50. Often, we find ourselves stuck in the same old routine, or noticing that our old regimen is causing new aches and pains, or even if we haven’t exercised in years, we may come to realize that it is time to make a change. Although there is no fountain of youth, strength training aids in reversing many of the degenerative processes associated with aging, especially muscle loss, metabolic slowdown, and fat gain.

With her studies and interest in Senior Fitness, Summer is best qualified to guide you on your journey to greater strength, mobility, and health.

Certifications and Areas of Study

  • International Sports Science Association Elite Trainer
  • International Sports Science Association Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
  • International Sports Science Association Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • International Sports Science Association Certified Nutrition Coach
  • School of Positive Transformation Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor
  • Physical Activity Instruction for Older Adults
  • Hip and Knee Replacement
  • Shoulder Girdle Rehab and Strength
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Program Design
  • Pilates Mat Tech Level 1

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